Pursuing a humble heart


Sometimes I wonder why exactly do I want one? This whole "having a humble heart thing" is hard! So why again do I want one? Because God loves and favors the humble in spirit. And He is against the proud and haughty. If I'm not humble, I'm prideful. There isn't an inbetween.
I ran across some comparisions recently comparing the proud/those who are humble. Here are a couple that stuck with me:
  • Self conscious/Not concerned with self at all
  • Feel confident in how much they know/Humbled by how much they have yet to learn
  • Defensive when criticizied/Receives criticism with an open, humble heart
  • Compare themselves with others & feel deserving of honor/Compare themselves to the Holiness of God and feel a desperate need for mercy
I have so far to go. But I'm so thankful God gives oppertunities so I can put into practice being humble and see what a blessing it really is. Because when I am proudful, afterwards I feel pretty rotten.

Pride is truly our greatest enemy.