We all have those days. Where things don't seem to go our way, everything that could go wrong does and sometimes you sit there and think....what is there to look forward to in life? Why am I even here? I know I have to remind myself: "You are here for GOD's GLORY. You are here for HIS PURPOSES".

What can make me eternally thankful and make me treasure Life is when I think that God LOVES me, me - a sinful being....He LOVES me with infinite and unchanging love. The Creator who holds this world in HIS Hands - who can change things in an instant....HE put his LOVE on me and His love NEVER ceases or waivers towards me. It's always constant. Even when He knows EVERTHING about me. Never am I out of His Mind. I am engraven on His Hands. And what matters to me, matters to HIM.

Oh what a glorious awesome God I serve! And I can call Him MINE!

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